Bath Installation Instructions

The following is provided as a very simplified guideline to the installation of a bath.    
We STRONGLY recommend that a properly qualified plumber or installer should be used for any installation.  Bathtubs and Vanities SA (Pty) Ltd does not accept responsibility for incorrect installations, as these instructions are provided as a guideline only.  
  • Remove the bath from its crate and packaging materials, and position in the desired location in the bathroom.
  • The floor should be completely level. Should the floor not be level, the bath may 'rock', or the installed plumbing may cause damage to the underside of the bath, voiding the Warranty.
  • Trace the footprint of the bath onto the floor.
  • Place a carpet off-cut, a rug, towels or other cushioning material on the floor to protect the Bath, and carefully tip the Bath onto its side on the rug / towels.
  • Make sure that your Floor Drain and Trap are already installed.
  • Use an adjustable P-Trap, or PVC P-Trap.
  • Connect P-Trap to Waste Clicker (it should have a lock-nut connector).
  • Seal your connection.
  • Connect P-Trap to Drain.
  • Put the bath back into its place and conduct a drain test.
  • nce you are happy with the draining of the bath, run a thin line of silicone around the bottom rim of the bath before finally seating it in position on the bathroom floor. This prevents movement of the bath on the flooring, as well as any water running under the bath.
  • Finish by sealing neatly around the bottom edge of the bath with silicone.
Leave the Bath for 24 hours before using to allow the silicone to cure.